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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Coyotes in Maine are an "Invasive Species" - (Steve's Viewpoint)

Time and time again we read the same old statement put out there by anti-hunters claiming to be experts on coyotes,coy-wolves,coy-dogs,and wolves, that is "compensatory reproduction"! This is nothing more then a theory that is not a "proven" theory. It is a suggested theory in many scientific research papers that is put forth to protect predator species like the wolf and coyote from human control. These organizations love to play the game called, a "play on words"!

The fact of this matter is, if coyotes are reduced by hunting pressure...coyotes are in fact reduced, they're dead folks! They do not miraculously trigger faster reproduction or larger litters to re-populate their species because they were shot by a hunter. (Compensatory reproduction occurs when a specie is eradicated to near extinction! ) If they did as these so called scientist (Or quacks with a college degree) imply, then killing coyotes would only increase populations and the tree hugging puppy lovers of the world should be basking in their glory every time a coyote gets harvested, because the surviving females would all have an increased litter size from 6-8 to their suggested 14-18 pups! If their suggested theory were true you would look out your window and see a coyote every five minutes in Maine!  
Any person (anti-hunter, sportsmen, woman, child, teacher or educator)  should be able to read between the lines here to figure out that this simply is not even a valid argument in the case against Maine DIFW's biologists current laws for reducing the coyote population in Maine. Set up to help the animals like deer, moose, turkey, rabbits, grouse, racoons, and all non-game species such as song birds, and ground animals to thrive and populate naturally.

Coyotes are not native to Maine, they are an "invasive species" that simply does not belong in Maine, much like that of animals like the Nutria of Florida, that are destroying Florida's canals and waterways, eroding peoples front lawns so much they fall into the rivers and are lost forever. The sportsmen and State DIFW,  do not want to eradicate the coyote (Coy-Wolf) species that is here in Maine, the sportsmen and State only wish to control the species and keep it in check with other species that live here in Maine. Humans can not allow one species of animal to dominate and take over hundreds of other species. Humans have protected and brought back many species from extinction, coyotes and wolves will eradicate species that we will never get back if they are left to run rampant destroying all the lesser species on the food chain, then the ferocious predator the Coyote in Maine which is known to attack adult humans, house pets, children and farm animals! Coyotes prey on healthy large animals they are able to pack and take down a large bull moose, healthy deer, turkeys and their young are destroyed with a fierce vigor each spring slowly wiping out other less dominant species that are "native" inhabitants of the great State of Maine!   

Organizations like, Project Coyote, the Animal Welfare Institute, the Wildlife Alliance of Maine, The Humane Society of the United States, The Maine Wolf Coalition, and the Wild Dog Foundation are quick to flap their jaws, spend their non-profit monies to oppose any harvest of predator species. Their attitude that predators should not be harvested by sportsmen or managed by State wildlife agencies is simply put, radical and reckless behavior! It is one thing to form a group to protect a species that is wavering on extinction but to create or use an existing  group to oppose the controlling of predators in a geographical region that they really do not belong in is just plain idiotic and needs to be stopped! Especially when here in Maine coyotes are simply being controlled for the benefit of other wildlife that naturally lives here! No one wants to see coyotes become extinct!

Because coyotes have been left uncontrolled for many years by sportsmen here in Maine, mainly because they have no food value to sportsmen, coyotes have increased to unhealthy numbers for Maine's native animals and we humans that live here. Coyotes are like weeds if left to grow they will choke out all other animals here in Maine. It is our human right and our duty as stewards of the land to reduce the coyote population for the benefit of all species. These organizations that oppose the harvest of their cute puppy dog like creatures are easily mislead and simply because they have a college degree or "claim" to be an expert does not give them any rights to impose on the way Maine's DIFW and Maine sportsman chooses to protect our heritage.

In 2014 the coyote population in many areas of the State have been reduced to acceptable levels and are maintainable, but there are still many problematic areas where hunters and trappers have not been able to effectively control the over population of coyotes!  More hunting and trapping is the key to reducing these problematic predators and Maine hunters are learning ways to outsmart the Maine coyote, but expense is the issue for these problematic areas because of the remoteness involved! It's just another obstacle for the Maine hunter to overcome and why Maine hunting of any animal is known for the challenge!   

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