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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Don't Be Fooled Maine Does Produce Monster Bucks! (Hunting Tip)

Steve's 11/12/2014 Southern Maine Rack Mass

Time and time again I hear the same story when I attend sportsman shows across New England! People are saying that Maine's deer population is down, that all they see on their hunting trips to Maine are trees and more trees! When the fact is that Maine has monster bucks that are flooding my news feed pages on Facebook for the past three years. From the NH border where I live in North Berwick, Maine to Allagash, Maine, we have monster deer and it is Maine's best kept secret!
My great friend and Vermont Master Tracker - Lane Benoit, calls monster bucks "smasher bucks", for a reason and Maine has plenty of smasher bucks!

I am not sure if I should keep this my own little secret or scream it at the top of a mountain to encourage all you mid western deer chasers to come to Maine and higher myself as a guide or one of the other very capable Maine guides in this State to put you on the most challenging whitetail hunt you've ever experienced!  With that said, Maine has plenty of public land where you can test your own skills and hunt down one of Maine's elusive monster bucks! Frankly.. that's where most hunters that come to Maine go wrong, they attempt to do it all themselves and fail because most hunters that come to Maine on a deer hunt think they have all the skills needed to locate, read deer sign and shoot a big buck, so why hire a Maine guide?

Maine is part of  New England it has vast wilderness and even in the more rural areas of the state locating pinch points and funnels where a buck travels are not the same as locating these in say, Ohio, or Illinois. There are few agriculture crops here or planted food plots. Maine has natural crops like beech, oak, clear cut saplings and hemlock and in most buck areas in Maine a pinch point is where one forest type edge meets another and a 50 yard growth of hemlock borders between beech, oak or pine thickets that lead to the nastiest swap you've ever seen, one that no man walks through without a month of 10 below zero weather so it is frozen like a lake below! These perfect pinch point locations are not easy to detect, or get to quietly, because there are so many forest edges in the vast continuous acreage that not all forest edges I just described produce monster bucks! It seems simple, but many hunters forget or get caught dreaming of a big buck wherever they hunt, but big bucks are only located where big bucks actually are or live! Many hunters waste an entire week or more of their hunting trip just scouting and sitting near deer sign, a buck scrape line, or rub in Maine finding these clues do not mean that a monster buck lives there, it just means a buck lives there! Reading all the other sign in the area to determine if a old buck resides there comes with many years of local area woods knowledge and practice here in the Maine woods!  This is where a good Maine guide will put odds in your favor and helps take a little luck out of your one week hunting trip here in Maine! Guides like myself have been walking these forests for over 40 years.

Getting that monster Maine buck is an achievement that many professional TV show deer hunters actually avoid, and I won't name names, but if you ask them why they have never hunted in Maine their answers will always be, "I don't have the time to learn the woods, and skills necessary to hunt monster Maine whitetail"! I've seen articles where these famous whitetail hunters that hunt big racked bucks in the western USA to Quebec are quoted as saying, "credit must be given to the skills of a New England guide/hunters because there is a superior skill and knowledge which is found in very few places in the world that can compare to hunting whitetail deer in New England."

We have bucks with frequent weights from 175 lbs to 290 lbs. here in Maine.  We have massive mature racked deer that will turn any hunters heads and they are all 100% natural, no corn feeders, no high fences, no massive food plots and agricultural farmlands. Many deer found along Maine's coastal areas sport drop tines and 120 to 180 class typical racked bucks and actually the bucks anywhere in Maine sport these stats!

There are so many factors in locating and harvesting a mature Maine whitetail buck that a book would have to be written, not an article like this, in order to achieve the skills necessary to effectively hunt Maine's monster bucks. One either has to hunt with their grandfather and father here in New England for 10-50 years or hire a Maine Hunting Guide, I myself am a Maine Licensed Specialized Hunting Guide, there are many great guides in Maine some are multiple licensed guides and cater to recreation activities, ATV's, snowmobiles, hiking, hunting, camping, fly fishing, trolling, ice fishing, salt water tide fishing, sea kayaking and lodging activities.  So when it comes to hiring a "hunting guide" make sure they are avid hunters themselves! For example: I don't have a lodge and kitchen to maintain therefore I don't exhaust my time repairing roofs, clearing walkways of snow, cleaning cabins, making beds and doing dishes. Most of my hunts are about hunting, not the accommodations and food. I offer several options for super lodging and food services that work quite well at some of the best lodges across northern Maine for moose hunters. For southern Maine hunts what most of my clients prefer is staying at a hotel and fixing their own meals to save a few dollars on a quality guided hunting trip without traveling another six plus hours to northern Maine when southern Maine has great monster bucks, a doe management program, super archery season opportunities with one buck tag and unlimited over the counter antlerless tags,  the best turkey hunting areas in Maine with two spring bearded birds and two fall either sex birds on same tag and small game and predator hunting opportunities too!

Deer hunting in Maine is the ultimate challenge to any deer hunter, we have plenty of deer and monster bucks too! One can be lucky and stroll into a piece of woods and stumble upon a nice buck in the rut, odds are slim but it does happen to a few weekend warriors here in Maine every year, but in order to be successful in New England it takes time and years of woods knowledge to increase your odds and find that monster Maine buck! The key is to hire a good hunting guide if you are only coming here for a short period of time.

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