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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A Much deserved plug for two great products!

Antler Ice used in combination with Buck Cage make for easy application and storage of scents.

In 2014 here in Maine I took on two new product sponsors for my Maine Hunters TV show and I set out to put them to work. Honestly folks, if I am sponsored and the product doesn't cut the mustard?  I simply will not promote it.  In the case of both of these products I stand behind them as top notch tools for your bag of tricks hunting here in New England!

This video speaks for itself and these products, because it was self filmed on location before this deer was field dressed and at the height of my excitement of harvesting this nice Maine buck using these two products jointly!

The Antler Ice scent product,  Doe In Heat,  is doe estrus captured and delivered to my door via US mail. It arrived packed in ice packs frozen solid and it was kept in my freezer until the night before hunted!  Antler Ice also has their own ghost wicks for their product usage, but because I had Buck Cages, I preferred to use these over a standard wick material.

 I used two Buck Cages and placed the Antler Ice - Doe In Heat inside them, Buck Cages have "polymer beads" that absorb and hold scent longer, they don't air dry as fast as a typical felt type wick material does, giving stronger and longer scent application to your hunting area. I placed the Buck Cages one at 18 inches off the ground and the other about 3 feet off the ground, spread about 10 ft each side of me so that the scent would mask my odor even with a wind direction change after I set up! The other beauty of the Buck Cages is they come with a nice way to hang them built into the cage, and they each have their own plastic capped vial to keep them in and makes it simple to handle the scent and to make quick moves to a new location, the Buck Cages hold 1/2 once of scent that last for a couple days or more!

The other fact you will hear in this video is that I used my Apple Iphone 5s and a hunting call AP which I downloaded, called HuntPro and used the Estrus Bleat call in conjunction with these products. I did not use an amplifier with my phone, it was a very calm foggy morning and sound traveled very well. This buck heard the call, smelled the scents and came running right in on a trot directly to wards the sound and smell, the deer was harvested at 20 yards, as I let him come right on in close! Check your State laws for electronic calls before using cell phone aps in your State, but Maine allows the use of electronic calls for deer hunting.  Happy Hunting!

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