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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Cooking Wild Game in New England

 Corned Venison Roast

There's a great group on Facebook for all you interested in sharing and learning more about cooking wild game! Share your favorite recipe or tempt us with your recent wild game home cooked dinner delight!

My recent post in this group!

Corned "Venison" I marinated the boned out front shoulder of a deer, about 5 Lbs. in a brine with herbs, spices, sea salt for 4-6 days and then slow cooked in a crock pot with onions,carrots,potatoes for 9 hours and then topped it off with cabbage for the final hour. I eliminated the the "salt Peter" (The gun powder element!) from most the recipes found online that gives it the traditional red, corned beef "look", it makes for a healthier roast and it tasted excellent and has the same texture of any typical corned beef roast, except that it was a Corned Venison roast! This is a definite Do-Over!

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