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Monday, December 1, 2014

The Lil' Can used two ways for added volume on windy days!

The Lil' Can is an awesome tool to have in your pocket during the deer season, rut typically starts about the 11th of November plus or minus few days and runs right through mid December, depending upon the activity in your area you hunt. Bucks once they go into rut often can be tricked by an estrus or in late season December hunts the doe grunt call is my staple.

In this video you will see that I blow into the can call, and the trick is to not blow to hard into the hole, actually allow some of your air to escape outside the hole when you blow, and make sure the slide in the can is not tipped all the way towards the vent holes of the can, keep the slide allows your air to flow around it and out the exit sound holes. A little practice before you hit the woods and you'll have a louder estrus bleat call for windy days!

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