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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Why are you only on ROKU?

We often are asked.. Why are you only on ROKU, why aren't you on local cable, or the Hunting Channel so we can see your show on our channels?

Here is a break down of TV networks:

Roku is a device you purchase from places like Best Buy, Walmart or online from It costs between $49 and $99 depending upon the model device you purchase, you need Wi-Fi and even a cell phone wi-fi seems to work! It is a one time purchase and there are no other fees to view over 2000 free channels on Roku players for as long as your player lasts, which so far has been years for me. There are many other options for entertainment, such as Hulu Plus and Netflix. But the FREE channels exceed 2000 and we are not the only hunting shows you can watch, there are shows about cooking, cars, racing, hiking, biking, sewing, and just about anything you can think of ! I personally gave up my Road Runner cable and went strictly with Roku for my TV entertainment and have not missed conventional cable at all! I pay for Hi-speed internet and watch TV over that for free!  Find out more about Roku devices and what they offer here:

Maine Hunters TV is on the New England Outback Network channel on Roku Streaming TV, which has over 10 million subscribers and growing daily in the USA (Coast to Coast) and can be watched on demand anytime FREE. Roku gives us and our viewers way more bang for the buck and way more ability to be seen whenever you, the end user, desires to watch our episodes. No need to tune in on 6:30 on a Monday night to see our show! Watch us anytime you want! many big name hunting shows are now on ROKU free as well!      

Local cable channels provide programming at a specific hour IE: 6:30 PM on Tuesday to view a particular episode, it's viewing area is only the towns that the particular cable area supports, which really limits how many people will ever even watch our episodes. Example: York county has 2 or 3 cable companies which offer a public channel, but they do not overlap service areas, so if you live where Metrocast cable exists, only those viewers would see our show, and Road Runner subscribers would never see it just two towns away! In order for us to be seen on cable public channels across the entire New England viewing area it would be cheaper to be on the Hunting or Sportsman's channel! Just one local cable channel is way more expensive for 7 episodes and two re-runs per 3 month quarter of programing, then our expenses monthly on ROKU!

Other options for our show include Dish Network or the larger cable company networks (Metrocast,TWC,Comcast, etc.) with channels like the Hunting Channel, Sportsman's Channel,  Discovery Channel , History Channel or Pursuit. Most of these big name channels don't overlap between cable and satellite companies so the viewing of an episode again is set on specific times and days which limits actual views of the episodes to those that have time available at say 6:30 on Monday night each week to watch, or whatever time slot you purchase! The amount of sponsors needed to pay these high bills for slots on these channels, simply are to high for our content, which is strictly New England hunting! Some of these channels cost from 14K to 30K for a 3 month, 7 episode series with 7 re-runs. Don't get too wild on me folks if I miss a figure here on this, but I think you can understand the expense and how many people that we want to see our episodes here in New England would miss our show, with only two evening slot opportunities to see them.

All the aforementioned channels are still wonderful and each hunting show team that is on an individual network will get a certain amount of viewers each time their show airs. Each channel or network has their own audience and users depending upon how (you) the end user watches TV, all at a very high price. (Exactly why we are on one network.)   We feel that we get the most exposure for our staff and our sponsors being on our own Roku Network, the New England Outback Network. The Roku corporation has sold over 10 Million Roku players in the USA alone, Roku channels can be seen in other countries as well, giving our viewing audience a very wide demographic, USA coast to coast mainly which allows easy access for our New England viewers, who typically enjoy watching our episodes simply because New Englanders can relate to our conditions, success and failures in the areas we film and hunt, New England and Canada.  We cater to New England businesses for sponsorship because "We Hunt New England"!

If you have a New England based team that hunts, fishes, hikes, bikes, climbs, cooks or does things in New England and want to get on our network? It's easy and quite inexpensive to join our network and get your own channel for your show team, contact me for pricing and details to get your team into over 10 million homes!

Maine Hunters TV  "We Hunt New England"  on the New England Outback Network Channel on 10 Million Roku
devices coast to coast!

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