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Friday, July 31, 2015

Top 10 reasons you know when to not watch a hunting show.

This is strictly my personal “code” of TV entertainment and not intended to offend anyone that likes, reality TV, media personalities or shows that are made strictly for ratings and entertainment value.

1.   When it plays half of what you already watched after each commercial!
2.   When the show host tries too hard to be a comedian, is always over excited, has an inflated ego, or is primarily using technology to create the show.
3.   When it remotely looks like a reality TV show plot.
4.   When there are more than 15 minutes of commercials during a thirty minute episode, with a commercial break every five minutes.
5.   When the editors use “B” footage or “after shots” to show hunter approaching from angles behind the dead animal with hunter acting excited as if he just saw the animal for the first time on the ground.
6.   When you see fall colors in one part of the hunt and green leaves in the next clip or one second the hunter has camo on and the next has orange or a change of clothing!
7.   When the editors use additional pre-shot footage from other animals and hunts to enhance a particular episode. (Fake additions to the actual hunting episode at hand!) When too much editor flash is being used to enhance excitement.
8.   When girls wear pink camo, revealing clothing, put on make up in bathroom mirrors (other than camo face paint), guys showing off, working out, showing muscles etc.
9.   When hunts are on fenced in ranches and game farms.
10. When it’s all about the trophy, weight or rack of an animal, rather than the wildlife management and actual excitement of the individual hunters experience.  

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