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Sunday, November 15, 2015

ThermaCELL HeatPacks - Hand & Pocket Warmers

I have given these new devices made by ThermaCELL a field test today and I will have to say I am very impressed with the way they perform and the many options for their use

Although it wasn't a record setting cold day, the temperatures were down to the low thirties today with wind at 20-30 mph and wind gusts hitting 40 plus at times, it was cold enough to know the use of this product aided in my comfort sitting in one place in the woods for four hours and remaining comfortable.

As I sat there and started to cool down from my walk into my stand, I decided to pull out two pocket warmers and turn them onto medium heat setting, I wore a men's double chest pocket long sleeve button up shirt as one of my layers and as I dressed for the hunt, I inserted one Pocket Warmer into each pocket. I zipped up my outer layering and sat back to see how they performed. It wasn't too long when I was so comfortable I forgot about the test for a while, when my mind came back to the pocket warmers being on, I could feel a full warmth throughout underneath my wool jacket and frankly it felt sweet even with the wind whipping across my face, watering my eyes and drafts going down my neck!   

With the cool feeling of drafts going down the back of my neck, I decided to pull out my fleece neck guard from my pocket and put that on to stop the draft, after a few minutes, I had another thought and that was to take a "Hand Warmer" and place it underneath the neck guard on medium and placed that on the back of my neck inside the folds of the fleece neck guard.  This worked out perfect for added comfort as the sun set and the day ended. 

I also tried the Hand Warmer and they worked great in the backs of my gloves, but some sort of pocket to slide them into would be more comfortable and easier than just sliding them inside a glove, with that said I will have to sew in a few pockets in the areas I want to direct heat to my body for added comfort and wearing these great new devices.

I upgraded my boots to a higher insulation value this season and although my ThermaCELL Pro-FlexHeated Insoles were standing ready inside my boots, the weather wasn't cold enough today to activate this warmth, we'll be ready though when cold weather sets in to my hunting area this fall! With this product one must know they are designed to keep your feet "comfortable" (Not Hot) by using slightly warmer temperatures than your natural body heat to create a comfortable inner boot temperature without causing your feet to sweat. The key to this product is understanding these are not designed to "heat" up your feet like their hand warmer products work, this would cause a wet sock inside your boots, not good! As always, I recommend that you read the instructions "before making purchase" of this product to learn proper use and how they keep your feet comfortable. Do not think that these will make your feet feel like they are next to a warm toasty fire that is not how they work to keep your feet comfortable and dry in extreme weather conditions! Read Instructions click here!    

From my experience as a ThermaCELL Field Pro-staffer I would advise users to read the instructions that come with the product and follow the use of it as suggested and their products work flawlessly! All serious outdoors enthusiasts should have ThermaCELL products in their trick bag for a comfortable outdoor experience, from mosquitoes to body warmer devices, if the name ThermaCELL is on the product you can expect solid performance!
As I get older the cold bothers me more and with products like this in my bag of tricks, even on days like today, ThermaCELL made my life outdoors much better!  I simply don't leave home without ThermaCELL and if I do, again because I'm getting older, it reminds me to pack them on my next trip out!

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