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Thursday, November 3, 2016

ThermaCELL Mosquitoe Unit Tips and a NEW Heated Product Video Review

I often speak at shows and online about ThermaCELL products. The main reason that I do is because the products work exactly as the directions state their products will work and that's why I am on the ThermaCELL Prostaff... I only represent products that work as designed! My reputation and word is something that I pride myself on in life and you will never catch me promoting a product that doesn't produce as promised! ThermaCELL is top on my list of products that I stand behind 100%!

If you have ever tried a ThermaCELL product and returned it to a retail store because it doesn't work, chances are that you simply did not read or follow the instructions properly! ThermaCELL products come with instructions of use....READ them carefully and use as directed to achieve the designed results from all of their products!  

ThermaCELL is well known for their insect repellent devices, if you haven't experienced and used these to keep mosquitoes away, you need to crawl out from under that rock and buy a couple of these for your personal protection from the many diseases and viruses that mosquitoes carry like malaria, dengue, West Nile virus, chikungunya, yellow fever, filariasis, Japanese encephalitis, Saint Louis encephalitis, Western equine encephalitis, Eastern equine encephalitis, Venezuelan equine encephalitis, La Crosse encephalitis and Zika fever!  The list grows every year and ThermaCELL is helping in the fight to keep us safe and more comfortable in the outdoors! One tip is to always keep in mind when using the insect repellent devices is that it takes about 5 minutes initially for the units to disperse the repellent into the 15 foot radius of the unit. If the wind blows, that repellent will blow outside the 15 foot area and when the wind dies back down give it 2-5 minutes to re-establish that 15 ft radius of repellent again. Occasionally between wind gusts, mosquitoes may be more prevalent during that 2-5 minute window while the device catches back up the 15 foot radius, but usually the wind also pushes the mosquitoes away with it too!  

ThermaCELL also has a great line of Heated Products! They have Heated Insoles for your feet that keep your feet dry and comfortable in cold weather and they also have Heated Pocket and Hand Warmers to warm other parts of your body when out in the cold elements! If you would like to learn more about these products, how they are used and get some inside tips from myself, watch this video on the newest products introduced in the fall of 2016. I have been testing and working with the ThermaCELL engineers testing their new Bluetooth driven ThermaCEL Heated Products App for Iphones and Android smartphones, since last winter here in Maine and this video will give you some insight on this new technology and how it will make you warmer and more comfortable outdoors in the cold weather!

In closing..... If ThermaCELL makes it.... Follow their use instructions to the "T" and their products will do exactly what they advertise they will do for you! Tested and approved by all Maine Hunters TV Pro-staffers!

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