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Sunday, July 1, 2018

Trail Camera review Victure HC200 vs. Wild Game Innovations Cloak 12

I try to be thrifty and stretch my dollars so that I have more cameras available for my outdoor adventures, and sometimes I have to take one for the team...but I thought I would share a bad deal and a good deal on four cameras I recently purchased.

The bad deal was two at $59.99 each of the Victure HC200 Trail Camera 1080P 12MP Wildlife Camera Motion Activated Night Vision 20m with 2.4" LCD Display IP66 Waterproof Design for Wildlife Hunting and Home...with No SD card and No Batteries! The good deal, which was the two Wild Game Innovations, Cloak 12 Lightsout 12mp trail Game Camera with 8 Duracell Batteries and SanDisk 8G SD Card included which I purchased for $59.99 as well.

I purchased the Victure cameras first and after learning by using it that the Victure brand cameras were only fair for daylight photos, a tad bit blurry at it's best 12 Mega Pixel setting and the trigger speeds were slow even during daylight. The only part of the photo that was remotely light enough to see anything was in the center of the photo, the outer portion was black. Rendering this camera useless at night.

I have owned many WildGame Innovations cameras over the years, and every model I've owned always works great out of the box, some have worked for a year with no issues before failing and some I have had for four to five years and they still work like new today, WGI seems to be fixing issues when they make a new model and I continue to have better luck with newer models. I have been using their Cloak series in several different models for the past few years and they seem to all work fairly well. I am not experiencing any issues with the Cloak 12 models so far.  Let me also add that my cameras are in the woods,snow, rain, heat, moisture etc. almost all year long. They receive a lot of weather abuse and still keep operating.

I probably should just stay with using WGI cameras, but with all the latest and greatest technology coming out, I can't resist trying these new cameras hoping for something inexpensive, durable and that takes decent pictures so I can see a black bear at night and a squirrel by day! I am not looking for photographs for a contest with my cameras,  just show me what's in front of the camera day or night when it appears there, it's all that I require in a good trail camera!

Here are the results from my product side by side test on the same tree at night with these two model trail cameras. You decide for yourself which one you would buy for an inexpensive camera, to me it's simple, the WGI Cloak 12 for $59.95 on Amazon with the 8 Duracell batteries and the 8gb SD card is the best bang for my buck out of these two cameras!

 Cloak 12
 Deer is on far left of circle Victure HC200

      Cloak 12

Cat is on far left of circle Victure HC200

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