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Monday, October 22, 2018

Using Scents To start Your Season

Making a mock scrape is very simple, I use my boot to scrape the leaves down to the dirt away, slinging the leaves and dirt in one direction to create the typical buck scrape we all see in the woods made by Mr. Buck himself! Bucks like to do this under a tree with overhanging branches are reachable from a deer browsing above them, they typically will bite a branch and twist it around secreting their own scent onto that branch, I snap a branch above my mock scrape jsut like they do.
I then start using "Dominant Buck Urine" (from in my mock scrapes in early October. I use a black out type trail camera placed to watch the scrape and soon the doe activity will begin at the scrape I made. After I see this activity, I start applying both "Dominant Buck and Anytime Doe Urine" when I re-freshen the scrapes. When multiple bucks start appearing along with the doe, I switch over to "Doe Estrus Urine & Dominant Buck Urine" through the rut season. The reason for using both scents is that doe will use these scrapes to let the bucks know they are checking them too and when the doe goes into estrus this triggers buck activity, as well as adding a new doe scent to a scrape using my scent products it will make does frequent the scrapes more, bringing better odds of bucks coming in during daylight hours for hunting them!  I will note that I will install tree stands at the same time as I start these mock scrapes to limit my activity near them when the bucks arrive. I like to keep my stands back as far as possible for effective range of my bow, crossbow or gun I plan to use.

In other areas that I place my stands on known deer travel ways I don't always create a mock scrape, I will walk about 100 yards in front of my stand leading the deer in range of my stand as I walk, I use an eye dropper or syringe to lay down what I call a Drop/Drip trail, I like to simulate a doe walking along dripping urine off her vent and legs, rather than simply spraying it about aimlessly!  I been doing this for several years using various scent company products, I now have the source of the best deer scent product I have ever used and bottle it under my own name product, name called If you would like to try it you can order it on my website.

At the time of year when activity is just starting to pick for breading foreplay, (usually pre-rut season late October) as soon as you start hearing people talking about shooting bucks with thick necks and stinking musky...start using the "Doe Estrus" drop/drip method! I also created a new contraption I call the "Wicked Scent Wickah" and this is when this should be cranking near you!  This is not a fool proof method, you still need to be where big bucks are and keep your own scent down wind, then have a lot of good old luck to get them bug bucks out in the daylight, but all this has worked at times for me over the years along with using a doe estrus bleat call about every five minutes, just as it's getting light or about 1/2 hour before legal shooting ends! See my other blog post on calling deer! 

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