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Friday, November 2, 2018

The Wicked Scent Wickah ... Works Just Pissah!

I created a scent product line based on many years of using deer scents, bear scents, cover scents and using calls to bring in bucks to my stand. Most of you know I am not an antler hunter per say, I fill my freezer first and hunt big bucks second, this year was no exception except I was testing my newest product and wanted to show results when using it and the opportunity to fill a freezer and show results presented itself!. 

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I created a simple contraption out of a few components that I researched and put together to make what I call the Wicked Scent Wickah, or the Wicked Wickah. It's not like other contraptions for this on the market, simply because my wicks have a higher surface to air ratio that pushes more scent out from the way the system is set up to move scent in a constant flow, that when the natural air currents pick it up swirls the scent right from the ground where it's supposed to be coming from, right to the deer's nose. I knew if I could keep deer scent flowing steadily and strong that coupled with a doe estrus bleat and doe estrus scent it would be a double slam bucks can't resist.

It took me many years to learn I needed constant scent swirling in the air currents, and not to hang my scent pads 4-5 feet off the ground, if you are using them they should be placed 6-18 inches maximum from the ground, deer don't walk around with their noses up high smelling for things like a doe in heat, they do that for things like human odors because we walk vertical and in stands, our scent is higher in the air columns! Ever notice a deer approaching your stand and you hear them blow long before you know they are there, the next thing you hear is stamping of feet and a tail goes up and off they go, deer smell everything, but when they smell natural doe estrus urine they don't smell human and it's game on baby!

I researched deer scents for several years before deciding on the farm I selected for my product lines, they have an annual inspection by an accredited veterinarian of 100% of their herd, as part of their CWD monitoring, which they have been doing for over 10 years and are Certified CWD free with the NY State Department of Agriculture and Markets as well as being Certified CWD free with The Archery Trade Association’s deer protection program. (ATA)

The key to your success is using the Wicked Wickah on your next trip out hunting. I recommend using an elevated stand when you can, set it up during mid day, a few days before you hunt it, make a mock scrape and re-freshen it with buck urine and doe dribbles daily or every other day, get in early to your stand location at least 30-45 minutes before legal shooting, place the Wicked Wickah about 15-30 yards out in front of your viewing area from your stand, place the fan end into the wind direction to force the scent to swirl coming out of the Wicked Wickah box housing. Stay in your stand until 11 AM each day before climbing down, remember to take the Wicked Wickah with you and bring it back when you return. Use a doe estrus bleat call every 3-5 minutes for two or three cycles, the little can works great, as soon as you can legally shoot or see to shoot. I call until about two hours after sunrise and then sit and observe without calling until I go in for lunch. I like to return about 1-2 PM, again placing out the Wicked Wickah and I don't start calling until 45 minutes before end of legal hours.

This is the results of using my new Wicked Scent Wickah in Maine this year, this young buck came in straight at the doe estrus scent at first light two days ago with no calling even made yet, it was 10 minutes into legal shooting time and the swamp was full of newly frozen water, the sounds of ice crunching made me look in that direction, at 200 yards I could make out movement bobbing and weaving through the ice ridden alders, he was on a dead trot coming straight in to my shooting lanes, when this deer made it within 75 yards he presented a perfect shot and I took it with my Savage .308 99C and down he went in a heap.  Meat in the freezer!

I hope my rambling helps you on your next hunt!

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