Steve Beckwith - Maine Hunter


Steve Beckwith - Maine Hunter

I began my hunting career even before the age of 10 when I was finally old enough to carry a gun and go hunting here in Maine with my father, grandfather and brothers. I remember waiting by the door for my father and older brothers to return from hunting to see what they harvested and listen to all the hunting stories. This must have been the seed that planted my desire to become a Maine Hunter!

I have been hunting in Maine since I was 10 years old and am now 54, doing the math that's 44 years of woods knowledge. My father taught me to harvest and never waste the precious resources that the wilds have to offer us as humans. I still follow those principles to this day as a Maine Registered Hunting Guide and pass this along to my clients.

I am a hunter and a sportsman. I hunt because of the passion to hunt that was formulated by my family when I was a young boy and I became a sportsman as I matured and understood the true meaning of providing for my own wife and children wild game for our table.

Many years of my 44 years as a hunter I was working to support my family like most of us do, working for the weekend and the chance to hit the woods on my days off in pursuit of anything in season. In 1999 I started an online website called, in 1999, people didn't know how to upload anything to the internet, unless you dabbled in web designing and learned how to write code, or at that time HTML. started as a way for my friends and family to post pictures of their harvests online for the world to see. In 1999 no one knew what a .jpg was or a .gif, people would mail photos to me, and I used a flat bed scanner to change them into .jpg's and uploaded them using FTP software and coded my website with HTML so they would appear online!

In 2008 I decided to start filming hunts and created a pro-staff with friends all with the same desire to promote Maine hunting, and create DVD's, by the years end we had captured enough hunts to edit and create our first DVD and this continued for five straight seasons of DVD's, in 2013 I took to the next level and produced my own network on ROKU called, The New England Outback Production Network and now stream our video hunting episodes into millions of homes across the world via internet streaming TV technology, on our own channel called, Maine Hunters TV! Our vision is still focused on Maine hunting, but we have expanded with our catch phrase of "We Hunt New England" and have become a New England based hunting team of almost a twenty member staff!    

New England hunting is like no where else in the United States, it is some of the hardest hunting and requires more skills for success then most anywhere in the world! Maine Hunters TV is dedicated to filming and showing the world that it's not about a trophy buck here in New England, it's about being the weekend hunter working 9-5, the guy that only deer hunts in November and Dec., the all around hunter that hunts rabbits, grouse, moose, bear, deer, coyotes  and the hardcore buck hunter by simply being accomplished in an area of the world that many simply don't understand the skill level to achieve being a New England  - Maine Hunter!
Any person that fully enjoys the pursuit of his or her intended species with the end results being an accomplished and happy hunter regardless of sex, weights, bag limits or protruding extremities! 
Steve Beckwith - Maine Hunter

Times sure have changed since 1999 and the internet has become easier to use and websites have become more advanced for ease of operation by webmasters and end users. I still operate and have created many other websites related to hunting and the outdoors since 1999.  With the TV show on Roku, I recently created where all of our episodes can be watched online too!

Being a Maine Hunter is a dream come true for me! Together with my staff we intend to stay here in New England filming and hunting for years to come so sportsman from far away may someday understand the challenge that New England has to offer hunters seeking the ultimate hunting challenge and that someday will be known across the US that New England has plenty of wildlife to hunt but that it takes exceptional skills to be accomplished in these dense areas of the USA. I understand that there are many other areas of the US that are as difficult to be accomplished, but what the major hunting TV show related industry depicts as skilled hunting in areas like Ohio & Texas, where deer are coming to corn feeders and bred for genetics, cannot compare to the hunters skills necessary of being an accomplished New England hunter! If anyone disagrees with this statement, I challenge you to come to Maine for a week to experience what being a hunter really is all about!  You won't see 30-40 deer a sit, pass up 50 racked buck opportunities before shooting a record racked buck around these parts!  I would dare say someone who has lived in Texas or Ohio all their lives wouldn't see more then one deer on their own in Maine's woods in an entire week of deer hunting, and if they hesitated for a second, they will go home saying...there are no deer in Maine!  Maine has plenty of deer, so does the rest of New England, but to western hunters we have no deer and they go home discouraged and go back to the corn fed farm fields, corn feeders, and high fences where they see deer within minutes of sitting in the same tree they sat in for generations! That's not hunting as we New Englanders understand hunting! 


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